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get Fit on Route 66 Race!

Take our virtual trip across America along historic Route 66! Children, families, or entire school classes are invited to race across the United States, using an online interactive map and exercise log to track daily physical activity minutes. The log converts exercise minutes to miles traveled along Route 66. This is a wonderful and simple tool parents and teachers can use to help children remember to move every day! 

The get Fit on Route 66 Race is part of the Kohl’s Kids 'n Control public awareness campaign sponsored by St. John's Children's Hospital, genHkids Coalition, and Kohl's Cares for Kids. The campaign provides nutrition and physical activity resources to children, families, and teachers. The goal is to enable kids to take control of their health through learning healthy eating habits and getting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Ready to get Fit on Route 66?  It’s easy to register and get started on your path to better health! If you’re a teacher, you can register for your entire class to participate. If you’re a community member, you can register as an individual or a group. Once you register, you’ll have access to the online exercise log and interactive map.

get Ready, get Set, get Fit on Route 66!